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Andrew Hewitt
"Australia's Most Inspirational Drummer"

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Welcome to my third newsletter. Things been steadily moving forward despite the extra cold winter we've had this year.


Breaking Down Barriers Dinner - Biloela Queensland
I will be speaking and performing at the Breaking Down Barriers Dinner at the Biloela Civic Centre on Tuesday 15th September from 6pm. Tickets are $50 which includes a 3 course meal. For more information call Anglicare Central Queensland on (07) 4992 2421.

The Usual Stuff
TRAP'D - The Rhythmic Arts Project Downunder
The Rhythmic Arts Project Downunder (TRAP'D) is an educational program which teaches people with various disabilities to read, spell, count, identify colours, share and interact and use basic life skills using a variety of hand drums and percussion instruments. We can see, feel and hear the lessons and simultaneously speak the answers. For more information about how TRAP'D can work for your organisation, please visit The Rhythmic Arts Project Downunder page at my website. You can also find TRAP Downunder on Facebook.
Drum Lessons in Westmead or via Skype
I am now available for drum lessons at his home studio in Westmead in Western Sydney, or across the internet via Skype. I teach beginner to intermediate. Students with a disability most welcome. My studio is wheelchair friendly. To book a lesson Click Here to find out how.
Can-Do Musos - a global voice for challenged musicians from across the globe
Can-Do Musos was formed in New York in March 2013 by Dom Famularo, David Segal and Mike Mignogna and myself to provide guidence and support to musicians living with the challenges of a disability from all over the world. As of the 31st August 2015, we have 177 musos from 22 countries featured on our website Can-Do Musos can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, and About.Me, so please follow us. If anyone who plays music and lives with the challenges of a disability and would like to be featured on our website, please send us an email to
Can-Do Radio - Doing it because we can!
As part of Can-Do Musos, each week I host THE CAN-DO RADIO SHOW. It airs on from 7pm til 8pm Wednesdays (Australian Eastern Standard Time), and is podcasted each week at
The show showcases musicians living with a disability featured on the Can-Do Musos website from all over the world.
We recommend:
Accessible Arts NSW drum talk tv - Dan Shinder The Sessions Panel DrumTalk Radio - Melbourne Australia - Pino Bertolini
Latest News
Drumhead Magazine (USA) - September 2015
The Can-Do Musos team and I have been featured in the latest issue of Jonathan Mover's Drumhead Magazine from Los Angeles. Check out the story here. You can find out more about Drumhead Magazine on Facebook or visit
The Groove Warehouse - 24 July 2015
On Friday 24th July, we made the trek to Canberra to do a drum clinic at Gary France's Groove Warehouse. Audience wasn't as big as we had hoped for, but those in attendance got a special taste of my playing and the story of my life, my wheelchair, and it's challenges. I also hung around and spoke to Gary's beginner and intermedite drum classes. Check out the photos from the clinic at A special thanks to Gary France, and Justin and Brad at Australasian Music Supplies (Pearl, Zildjian, Remo and Vic Firth).
TRAP Down Under new sessions
The Rhythmic Arts Project (TRAP) Downunder has continued it's success with the group at Interaction Disability Services in Castle Hill. I have also recently started TRAP sessions across the road at Flintwood Disability Services.
DrumTalk Radio with Pino Bertolini
On the 31st August, I had the honor of being the first to co-host Pino Bertolini's DrumTalk radio show remotely via Skype. We had a couple technical issues, where I couldn't hear callers, but it was a fun show and very well received throughout the Australian drumming community. Thanks again Pino, til next time. For drummers, if you want to tune in. Monday nights at 8:30pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time), go to amd click the Listen In button.
New REMO Drums for TRAP Downunder
As our TRAP Downunder program is growing, we had to purchase another 3 drums from Remo. We decided on the very colourful Remo Versa Timbau Carnival. These new drums work along well with the Remo Versa Djembies we already had, but because they are slightly taller, work better with people in wheelchairs. They sound amazing, and are very durable. Thanks to John at Remo and Justin and Brad at Australasian Music Supplies for your support.
HolyOAKE Drum Beat Sydney -16th-18th Nov
From the 16th - 18th November, I will be participating in a facilitator training course for HolyOAKE Drum Beat at Exodus Foundation in Ashfield, Sydney. The Holyoake DRUMBEAT program is being used by school and services working with a broad range of population groups. HolyOAKE facilitate drum circles in Schools, for Mental Health, in Prisons and as part of Alcohol and Drug Addiction prevention. I was able to secure funding to attend this course thanks to Accessible Arts NSW Quick Response grants. For more information, please check out their website at
Can-Do Musos - NAMM - January 2016
Due to the success of the presentation Can-Do Musos did at The NAMM Show earlier this year, the Can-Do Musos team have been invited back to host another presentation on Sunday 24th January 2016. Watch this space for more information. In the meantime, check out our Can-Do Musos NAMM 2015 page at
Drumming Communities on Facebook
I am the moderator of 2 drumming communities on Facebook. Please go and check out The Original Drum Den and Sydney Drummers. Give us a like while you are at it.
Upcoming Gigs and Clinics
Date Event Venue Time
Tue 15th Sep 2015 Breaking Down Barriers Dinner Biloela, QLD 6pm - late

Something I read on Facebook inspired me to write this. It's not whether you win or loose. It's whether you have had fun doing it that makes the difference. Sadly I see so many talented musicians out there always having to prove themselves by entering competitions, and if they don't win, they doubt as to how good they actually are. This is rubbish... a competition won't tell a musician how good they are. Playing with others and learning from other musicians will help you grow. Have a bit of faith in yourself. Just enjoy what you do, and don't care about what others think. In one way or another, your music is making a difference.


Till next time...


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About Andrew Hewitt
Andrew Hewitt, dubbed as "Australia's most inspirational drummer", is a world renown drummer from Sydney, Australia who lives with the challenges of Cerebral Palsy. He has never let it stop him acheiving success.
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